A Queer Tavern Drama for A Midwinter’s Night

by Harley Morison

The best stories are the ones that come at a cost to the teller.''
January 11 - 26, 2019
The Almanac on Whyte, 10351 82 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta

Friends Kaldr and Saga get to see each other only day day a year. On that day in the dead of winter, they each travel a great distance to share a pint at their favourite pub. Storytellers by trade, they conjure up tales and epics from their 365 days apart. Inspired by Norse tales, Kaldr and Saga search for stories of pride in the stories of the gods.

Banner Photo: Kelsi Kalmer


Photos by Nico Laroche-Humby

Nasra Adem
Jake Tkaczyk
Sound Design & Stage Management by
Kiidra Duhault
Production Design by
Elise Jason
Vicky Berg

Compositions & Guitar by
Rebecca Merkley
Choreography by
CJ Rowein
Dramaturgy by
Taylor Chadwick

Written/Directed by
Harley Morison
Produced by
Jessica Glover

Nasra Adem, Saga.

Vicky Berg, Pianist.

Taylor Chadwick, Dramaturge

Kiidra Duhault, Stage Manager & Sound Designer.

Jessica Glover, Producer.
Elise Jason, Designer.

Rebecca Merkley, Compositions & Guitar.

Harley Morison

Harley Morison, Playwright & Director.

C.J. Rowein, Choreography.

Jake Tkaczyk, Kaldr.