September 29, 2020

Cardiac Theatre and its Artistic Producers express their gratitude and support for the 35//50 Initiative – a Calgary and Edmonton-based call-in to performing arts organizations and collectives receiving public funds to ensure inclusion and equity of IBPOC and women/non-binary individuals. The first collective action item the 35//50 Initiative has brought forward is to achieve a minimum of 35% IBPOC and 50% women or non-binary people in paid, professional postions by the 2024/2025 theatre season, in tandem with the City of Edmonton’s next census cycle.

In our capacity as an ad hoc, indie theatre collective, Cardiac Theatre commits to the following: 

  • Maintaining a minimum inclusion of 35% IBPOC artists and 50% women and non-binary artists on all future projects; 
  • Keeping and publicizing statistics* on the inclusion of IBPOC, women and non-binary artists in Cardiac Theatre productions; and, 
  • Reevaluating, documenting, and sharing Cardiac Theatre’s template working model to provide transparency to our practices for prospective and current artists, with an eye towards providing a space of care and equity for IBPOC artists. 

*In the interest of giving our artists the opportunity to self-identity, Cardiac Theatre will provide optional surveys to our current and future artistic teams for the purposes of these statistics. We will provide this data for our current project, The Alberta Queer Calendar Project, in an aggregate format in February 2020. Cardiac Theatre’s core team of Artistic Producers (Jessica Glover & Harley Morison) is comprised of 50% women, 50% men, 50% IBPOC, and 50% white individuals. 

We are grateful for the artists contributing their time and talents in spearheading the 35//50 Initiative and thank them for bringing this necessary, valuable call to action to theatres in Alberta. We’re with you. It’s time for change.

Jessica Glover & Harley Morison
Producers, Cardiac Theatre