A Queer Tavern Drama for A Midwinter’s Night

by Harley Morison

The best stories are the ones that come at a cost to the teller.''
January 11 - 26, 2019
The Almanac on Whyte, 10351 82 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta

Friends Kaldr and Saga get to see each other only day day a year. On that day in the dead of winter, they each travel a great distance to share a pint at their favourite pub. Storytellers by trade, they conjure up tales and epics from their 365 days apart. Inspired by Norse tales, Kaldr and Saga search for stories of pride in the stories of the gods.

Banner Photo: Kelsi Kalmer


Photos by Nico Laroche-Humby

Nasra Adem
Jake Tkaczyk
Sound Design & Stage Management by
Kiidra Duhault
Production Design by
Elise Jason
Vicky Berg

Compositions & Guitar by
Rebecca Merkley
Choreography by
CJ Rowein
Dramaturgy by
Taylor Chadwick

Written/Directed by
Harley Morison
Produced by
Jessica Glover

Nasra Adem, Saga.
 Nasra is a queer, Muslim, Oromo creator/curator living in Amiskwaciwȃskahikan (Edmonton, AB). They were the Youth Poet Laureate of Edmonton from 2016 to 2017 and are currently the Director of Sister to Sister, an artistic showcase for/by femmes and women of colour. They are also the Festival Director of Black Arts Matter—Alberta’s interdisciplinary Black arts festival—and were the 2017 recipient of the Mayor’s Emerging Artist award. After a short hiatus NASRA is excited to be acting again in Cardiac Theatre’ KaldrSaga and hopes you enjoy the show! 

Vicky Berg, Pianist.
Vicky has been an active part of Alberta’s music scene since graduating from Grant MacEwan University’s Music Program in 2009. With a diploma in piano performance, following a childhood studying classical music, Vicky’s knowledge and experience has led her to a wide spectrum of performing and teaching. Her work includes: accompanying many choirs and singers in Edmonton,  music directing a number of local musicals, teaching music to students with all abilities,  a musician for Rapid Fire Theatre, performing as a member in The Lindsey Walker Band and Jordan Norman and the Wisdom Teeth.  Vicky is also a singer/songwriter and released her first full length album, The Light Between the Stars, in June of 2013. Vicky is excited and very proud to be a part of KaldrSaga and to be working with the fine folks of Cardiac Theatre!

Taylor Chadwick, Dramaturge
Taylor is honoured to be part of the KaldrSaga team and work alongside Harley in developing this rad new play. As a dramaturge Taylor works primarily with emerging playwrights as dramaturge for The Nextfest Arts Company. This is his second collaboration with Cardiac Theatre having worked on Under the Gnarly Tree. His select directing credits include: The AliensNighthawk RulesLigature Marks (What It Is Productions), Twenty-Five (The Joel Crichton Emergency),  Miss Electricity and Robin Hood for the Snowglobe Festival of Children’s Theatre; El Dorado (Surreal SoReal Theatre), Juggernaut (Nextfest 2008), and Urban Tales 9 & 10 (Northern Light Theatre). Taylor is a producer with the Award-Winning What It Is Productions and is the Marketing & Publicity Director for Theatre Network. Taylor’s next project as a director is Accidental Humour Co’s The Flying Detective premiering at the Edmonton Fringe in 2019.

Kiidra Duhault, Stage Manager & Sound Designer.
Kiidra is a trained Stage Manager, and has been sharpening her skills as a Sound Designer for some time now. Prominent works as a Sound Designer include; Origin of the Species (Northern Light Theatre), Les Neiges (L’Unitheatre), A Doll’s House (Walterdale Theatre), and as the technical wizard for Marv n’ Berry, A local Sketch Comedy group. Cheers!

Jessica Glover, Producer.
Jessica is an arts administrator, producer, sometimes playwright, and co-founder of Cardiac Theatre. She has co-produced all of Cardiac’s shows to date, and was the Stage Manager for Pompeii, L.A. during the 2017 Edmonton Fringe Festival. Her playwriting debut, Maps to the Stars, was featured at the 2016 New Works Festival at the University of Alberta. Jessica is a graduate of the U of A (BA in Drama and Women’s and Gender Studies), and has recently completed the Arts and Cultural Management diploma at MacEwan University.
Elise Jason, Designer.
Elise Jason is an Alberta-based multidisciplinary artist, and recent graduate from the University of Alberta with a BFA in Theatre Design. Recent design credits include Jezebel in Space (Bumblebear Productions), Origin of the Species(Northern Lights Theatre), and Fossegrim and Nøkk (Alberta Opera). In addition to designing lights, costume, and set— Elise is also an emerging playwright, and the Front of House Manager at Rapid Fire Theatre. 

Rebecca Merkley, Compositions & Guitar.
Rebecca Merkley is a B.C. raised, Alberta-based- Theatre Artist. Most recent performing credits include: Found Festival’s Off’d on Whyte, Catalyst Theatre’s “4play” and The Street Performers Festival. She has also performed with: Guys in Disguise, Theatre Network, The Fox-Den, Punctuate! Theatre, Wild Side Productions, Impossible Mongoose, Whizgiggling Productions, Promise Productions, Theatre Yes, Broken Toys Theatre, Capitol Theatre and Kaybridge Productions. Select Directing/Writing credits include: The UnsyncablesRivercity the MusicalMerk du Soleil and Bountiful (with her company Dammitammy Productions). She’s been nominated for two Elizabeth Sterling Hayes Awards for her work. She’s so excited to be working with Cardiac Theatre this season! Enjoy the show!

Harley Morison

Harley Morison, Playwright & Director.
Harley is an Edmonton based director and playwright and is a co-founder of Cardiac Theatre with Jessica Glover. Recent directing credits include Meet Me Under the Gnarly TreeThe Listening RoomPompeii, L.A.Peter Fechter: 59 MinutesPacamambo and Hot Mess for Cardiac Theatre; Orestes 2.0 for ABBEDAM Productions; and assistant director on Adult Entertainment and The End of Civilization with Punctuate! Theatre. His plays include Meet Me Under the Gnarly Tree, and KaldrSaga. Harley holds a BA (Honors) in Drama from the University of Alberta and works as the Operations Manager for Theatre Network.

C.J. Rowein, Choreography.

Jake Tkaczyk, Kaldr.

Jake is an Edmonton-based theatre artist with a passion for creating new and engaging work collaboratively. He graduated from the BFA Acting at the University of Alberta. Also a graduate of Red Deer College’s Theatre Performance and Creation program, Jake has worked as an actor, director, creator, and educator in central Alberta. His selected acting credits include: THAT’S DANGER! (Alberta Workers’ Health Centre), DON’T FROWN AT THE GOWN (Guys in Disguise), DEAD CENTRE OF TOWN X, XI (Catch the Keys Productions), URINETOWN (Grindstone Theatre), YOU’RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN! (Opera Nuova). Directing and creating credits include: THE BIG FAT SURPRISE, ALL PROCEEDS GO TO, and PRIDE AND PRE-JEU-DICE (innocent operations), and THE LAND THAT ART FORGOT (Mile Zero Dance).  Jake is currently the Artistic Associate at Northern Light Theatre. Jake recently received the AFA Young Artist Prize. A big thanks to his family, Louise, and incredible partner Andre.