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The Listening Room

by michaela jeffery

“There’s no doubting the heat of the Cardiac production. It listens intently for sounds of youthful anger in the world, and connects to a revolutionary cycle that rolls on through time.

Liz Nicholls

January 18-28, 2018

ATB Financial Arts Barns, Edmonton

with the generous support of Azimuth Theatre


February 15-24, 2018

Motel, Arts Commons, Calgary

with the generous support of Downstage

Past Productions


“You have to fight, or there’s nothing.” 

On the fringes of a remote desert society, a group of teenage dissidents search for fragments of earlier civilizations still ricocheting between stars. Using antiquated 21st century radio telescopes, The Listeners risk everything to connect to a past that has faded both from memory and record. On the eve of a trial that would decide their fate, The Listeners must choose to conform, or to strike out and seize the future they want to inherit.


Colin Dingwall
Philip Geller
Ashleigh HIcks
Carmen Nieuwenhuis
Jay Northcott


Harley Howard-Morison


Jessica Glover

sound designer

Thomas Geddes

stage manager/
asst. sound designer

Kiidra Duhault

fight choreography

Cliff Kelly

production design

Whittyn Jason

stage manager – Calgary

Andrea Murphy


Taylor Chadwick

Photos by Nico Laroche-Humby