Pacamambo with Erin Orris and Will Mitchell


by Wajdi Mouawad
translated by Shelley Tepperman

August 11-20, 2016

Presented during the 35th Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival at
The Roxy on Gateway
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Julie’s grandmother has died. In the middle of the night, the moon came and stole her away.

But Julie has a plan. Armed with a backpack full of perfume bottles and her beleaguered dog, Julie holds a nineteen-day vigil in the basement with her grandmother’s corpse. While she waits to meet death, Julie passes the time by remembering her grandmother’s stories about Pacamambo: the country where you become the people you love.

Me and my big dog, we decided we were gonna do something. Something incredible. We were going to meet Death. And we were gonna punch his face in.


Alex Dawkins
Judy McFerran
Will Mitchell
Erin Orris

Production Design by

Alison Yanota

Stage Manager

Mona Jiang

Produced by

Jessica Glover

Directed by

Harley Morison

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Alex Dawkins, Psychiatrist/Death.

Judy McFerran, Marie-Marie.

Will Mitchell, Growl.

Erin Orris, Julie.

Jessica Glover, Producer.

FengYi (Mona) Jiang, Stage Manager.


Harley Morison

Harley Morison, Director.

Alison Yanota, Production Designer.